July 4, 2008

Broken Heart

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Two evenings ago we moved Thiago, Dalmo and Josiel into the transition home.  They have lived with Mark and I since January.  I understand this is the best move for them and the Lar.  The house will soon house more boys ready to spread their wings- a little. My boys will be gaining even more independence as they continue working and studying.  They will be living with Brazilians, a couple better prepared to help with this transition, and more exemplary of what is expected from life through their Brazilian reality.  Intellectually we get it, but our hearts!!  Mark was tortured because none of the boys wanted to leave.  They begged, tried to get the support of the girls still with us, and at one point playfully refused.  I ws doing absolutely fine.  I dropped off their beds then went on to karate.  After work out I went by to see how my boys were doing.  I found them on their way to my house to visit!  When I finally got them back to their new home, I hugged each, told them I loved them, and started sobbing.  Oh my!  When I got home, I went up to their empty attic and prayed and wept.


—  Love with all your heart.  It makes the parting more difficult, but the relationships and investments into other lives are all the more meaningful. 

Pray for my boys!!


June 17, 2008

Steam Rolling

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Ground has officially been broken at Davis Lar II in Eusebio.  (We need to come up with a name for this place…any ideas?)  The team from First Baptist Church of Brunswick, Georgia, was privileged to start the first building.  It makes perfect sense since they have built a house, the bread factory, the word working shop and added onto the Aracas church.  


While the men were building, Jim and Patty Crandall, with Marcio translating, visited the neighborhood around our new site and found a desire for a church.  Mark set up a hit and run VBS where Joan and Paige taught and 8 kids and adults accepted Christ.  This location is right around the corner from the new Lar and we are excited to see what God plans.  Could it be the Lord plants a new church with every orphanage?  Mark has already met with the pastor of Igreja Batista Alvorado of Eusebio who has agreed to come alongside this work-the orphanage and a church plant.  It is so fun to see God working in the beginning of a project, and He is steam rolling!


While at the Davis Lar church site, the ladies were at the home site discipling our kids.  Joan prepared the lessons.  She knows our kids have a base of knowledge, so she truly comes to disciple.  I say she has left the milk and offers hamburger.  We’ll get to filet mignon later!!  Last year 11 children learned all 5 verses to win the end of the week prize.  This year we had 13.  And the crafts were phenomenal.  The children love the unique crafts that those Americans bring in.  The best, I thought, was the sand art.  Joyce and company kept visiting the Cracker Barrel picking up their discarded mini syrup bottles- to the tune of 80+.  All they had to do was buy the colored sand and voila!  


Many of you know we have had a hard time with our teen boys at the Lar.  Things are turning!  Josenildo didn’t think it was uncool to learn the verses!  Be proud of that boy.


We have started conversing with our first foster care family and are preparing all the documents and interviews in order to transfer Geovania to their home.  How exciting!  While some children cannot make that move into a family, many can and should.  They deserve the one on one attention only a family can provide.  Pray as we move forward with the Davis Lar foster care program. We have a second family interested in fostering.  By word of mouth within the churches may more families come forward.


Dalmo, using his own funds, has joined a capoeira group.  Isn’t he cute in his uniform.  Oh my, actually handsome, or as he would say, “gatao.”


As usual pray for more qualified house moms!  We are shaking things up and need people to step forward while others step out.  Pray for Mark’s wisdom as he works with the administration.


The boys move into the TRANSITION home Saturday.  (Had to change the name after many Americans noted that half-way homes in the states are usually for ex-drug addicts.)  Pray for the boys as they are all begging to stay with Mark and I.  Yet through experience, we realize we need to move them on and start breaking the ties.  This is the SECOND step to being able to stand on their own two feet.   Hurts me too!! 


Pray for Nilnara as she transitions out of our home and into the world.  Pray for her attitude and her walk with Christ.


Pray for the Andersons!  Our REALLY busy season is coming up with teams coming in fast and furious.  We have been bombarded with many issues at the Lar-emotional situations that suck our energy dry.  Pray for our walk, our wisdom, and our patience. 


Pray for the Withrows.  They did a great job working with the Georgia team and we are thrilled they will be here to help us.  


Thanks for being on our Davis Lar team!  Paige

April 24, 2008

April update

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It’s been awhile since our last update. Many new things to share. Lots of victories. Unfortunately at times with victory comes loss.

On February 7th, Paige had surgery in Atlanta. It probably won’t help her “pain in the neck”. Unfortunately, the doctors said they can’t do anything for her in respect to that problem since it began on February 28, 1987, and may last many more years.  (21 years of marriage this last February 28th!)

We officially opened our home as a halfway house. We have 14 adolescents/young adults living under our roof, including Matt and Rachel. The Lord impressed upon us last July to make this move and we have slowly been working towards it. We’re in the middle of remodeling, bought a bunch of bunk beds and mattresses and brought them in. The kids have transferred to local city schools to become a part of our “Youth Apprenticeship” program, participate in higher education and go to college. We have 4 currently working and going to school and a couple more that have good prospects. Marcos just got done spending his summer vacation in Cascavel working in a bakery and is considering moving in with his stepfather to work until his July 19 date with the army.

We jumped in with eyes open, but bumps along the way have been surprising. Personality issues, schedules, tight quarters, etc. In time everyone will adjust and it will be smooth sailing. Our biggest surprise was bills. Our food bill more than doubled as did our water bill. Pray for our personal finances. The dollar continues to bring lots of challenges to missionaries worldwide. With the construction and bunk beds and mattresses and, and, and. Well, you get the point. Our budget wasn’t built for this kind of speed. She is definitely breaking up. I was looking at the numbers over the last 2 years and found that with inflation and the falling dollar, the value of our support has dropped 24% since 1/1/07 and 37.6% since 1/1/06. The dollar has dropped 3.5% in value just this 1st quarter. Please pray to our Lord to help us in this. These figures with the above double + in expenses make times difficult. Yet we serve a mighty God and know He will provide.

On a more exciting note, the Lar is in its best financial state ever and we can praise God for that and the faithfulness of His people to participate as He leads. We are looking for another halfway house to purchase in the city to divide my house and provide for the others that will be leaving in the coming years. We already have funds designated and promised. Pray for the search that is ongoing.

Nilnara is back from the states after a year. She graduated from La Quinta High School in California. Pray with us as we are still discussing her options. Part of her would like to go back and go to college. The other part would like to stay and go to college here. She has a wide range of options to get work here while studying because of her English. Pray for wisdom and discernment both for her and us.

Now some of the losses. We have had quite a few kids leave the Lar. Some because they wanted to have freedom, some because they refused to abide by our rules so went to other institutions and some that went back to their families. Pray for these kids. Pray that the seed planted would come back and remind them of the “yes” that they have in Jesus and of all His promises and faithfulness. It is hard to see them go. But as we learn in Ecclesiastes, “There is an appointed time for everything”. Some of them are ready but you don’t want to see them go as they are “yours”. Others aren’t ready but need to be let go as the Prodigal was. Still others need to be let go “as a little yeast works through the whole batch”. You know how a parent feels the day the child leaves the nest. “I hope I did everything possible.” “I hope he is prepared.” Oh how we feel that for each one! Pray for these kids and give God the glory as he is in control of all things.

The unfounded lawsuit by an ex house mom was settled yesterday. She was seeking an unimaginable and unfounded figure U$ 38,000. Due to projected attorney costs we settled for U$ 1,800. Praise God as even the judge and lawyer for the plaintiff weren’t familiar with the house mom legislation. Once they read the law, it was a slam dunk. God is faithfully at our side in all situations and not only at our side, but doing battle. 1 Sam 17:46, 47 (Read It).

Pray for strength and faithfulness on our part as the battle gets rougher every day but the verse above gives us hope.
Praise God for our friends Wade and Michelle Withrow from First Baptist Church Brunswick in Brunswick, Georgia. They felt the calling of the Lord to serve, specifically at the Davis Lar, and have come down with a 2 year commitment to work alongside us. They will be a great help as we open up a new orphanage and fine tune the 1st. Pray for their assimilation to the culture and language.

Pray for the foster care program that we are working to implement by the end of 2008. We received a grant from Petrobras, a Brazilian oil company, specifically for this program and those funds should arrive by the end of March.
Pray for us as we present the Lar and the foster program to churches in a yearly socail ministries convention with TONS of people in May.

Thank you for your faithfulness, prayers, encouragement and especially your love.

In Christ,

Mark, Paige, Matt and Rach

December 2, 2007

The Girls Speak

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I am in the 5th grade.  I like pink and black and my favorite CD is High School Musical.  I like basketball, to play jump rope, hide and seek and Barbie.  My favorite food is chicken spaghetti.  I love all of you.  I like that you love and care for us here at the Davis Lar.



 Alice  Hope everyone is doing well.  I am doing great.  I desire much happiness for you guys and that Jesus would bless you.  I am 12 years old and like to play with Barbie.  I have a special message for Mike.  I love you very much.  You are a blessing in my life.

Dayane                   Dayane  I am 11 years old and I live here with my brothers and sisters.  My favorite sport is swimming.  When I grow up I want to be a nurse.   My favorite colors are pink blue and red.  My favorite movie is Spiderman.  I play soccer with my friends and I love to read.




I am 14 years old.  I love you all very much and Jesus loves you.  Thank you for the love that you have for the kids of the Davis Lar.  Hugs and kisses to all of you.

November 12, 2007

What do the Kids Like?

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Josenilda:                                              Josenilda                                        

Josenilda’s favorite thing about the Lar (with all sincerity) is the pigs! She is a future veterinarian at heart. She is most thankful for the safety and love she receives while living at the Lar. She enjoys living here and appreciates the Godly influence the staff have on her life.


Aline loves to talk, laugh and hang out with her friends at the Lar. She says they are sweet and supportive of her. They always seem to have a great time! Aline is most thankful for her mom and God’s support in her life. She prays that God will fulfill her dream to marry a Godly husband in the future.


Samara says Penha and Rosangela make her experience at the Lar extra special. Penha and Rosangela truly invest in Samara and it shows as Samara matures into a beautiful young woman. Samara is most thankful for her mom. She prays that someday her mom will come visit her on a Lar Family Day. Please join us in praying for the relationship between Samara and her mom.


Thaiane cherishes her relationship with Rosangela. Rosangela spends a lot of time not only teaching Thaiane how to be a Godly woman, but she blesses Thaiane’s life with consistent and unconditional love. Thaiane praises God for the gift of salvation and her relationship with God. Her brother and sisters also share a relationship with God and she is equally grateful for their salvation.   Tayane/Golden Park


Nayara appreciates her relationship with Penha. Penha cares for Nayara like a daughter, which Nayara cherishes. She is thankful for her salvation and God’s consistent assistance in her future endeavors. Nayara hopes to be a nurse in the future. God has blessed her life academically and continues to open doors to her future career.


Dayane appreciates Nayara’s friendship and is thankful for her opportunity to live at the Lar. The Lar provides Dayane with a safe and Godly home, something she didn’t have before she arrived here.


When asked about her favorite things at the Lar, Marciliane smiled and listed the Tias and her friends, especially Nayara. Marciliane loves the women in her life and hopes to be equally impactful in the lives of other women and children. She is thankful for her salvation and the safety the Lar provides from her past experiences.


Marilane loves the Americans who come to visit. Currently her favorite is Heather, who is teaching English for a few months. J Marilane is thankful that God saved her and her sisters. Each of them shares in the gift of salvation which offers hope for a better future.



Lilane’s favorite part about the Lar is the work. She especially loves to sew underwear! She is most thankful for the Americans who come and work at the Lar. Her favorites include Pops (a.k.a. Santa Claus), Lindsey and Heather!


Marinalva is thankful for the Tias who love her and invest much time in her life. Without the Tias, life at the Lar would be dull. She is thankful that her family shares in a relationship with God.


October 25, 2007

Prayer Requests/Oracoes

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Prayer Requests/Orações 

v     Next phase of Davis Lar II – I submit the documents to the county of Eusébio for their Board Meeting on the 15th of November for approval.  The plan was unanimously (excitedly) approved by our board on Monday.

v     Pray for the adolescent boys to seek direction in their lives.  They are in a rebellious state at the moment.  Pray for wisdom and strength for us, the leadership, as we tread into these uncharted waters.

v     I will start looking for a house in Messejana next week for a halfway house.  Pray the Lord reveals the perfect house for this transition point.

v     Pray as we begin the process to open up our house also as a “halfway house” starting in January 2008.  The renovations and purchases necessary to bring in approx. 7 kids.   

v     Pray as we continue to enter into Brazilian churches for their “stepping up” to the plate and getting involved

v     We really need house moms.  Pray for the Lord to open up the hearts of His servants and giving them “the desires of their hearts”.  


v     Próximo fase do Lar Davis II – Entraria com os documentos na prefeitura do Eusébio para a sua reunião do dia 15 de novembro para ser aprovado.  Foi aprovado em nossa reunião segunda-feira.

v     Ore por os adolescentes para buscar a direção nas suas vidas. Estão numa fase de rebelião no momento.  Ore para sabedoria para nós enquanto entramos neste novo fase.

v     Vamos começar procurar uma casa de passagem em Messejana a semana que vem.  Ore para o nosso Deua revelar a casa perfeita para este ponto de transição.

v     Ore enquanto nós abrimos nossa própria casa como uma “casa de passagem” em janeiro 2008.  Para as reformas e compras necesárias para receber ate 7 jovens

v     Ore para as igrejas brasileiras para abrir as portas e se-involver no Lar Davis.

v     Precicamos urgentemente mães socias.  Ore para o nosso Deus “concederá o que deseja o teu coração”

October 15, 2007


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From the Mouth of Babes

Noticias das Bocas das Crianças 

 Caiky – Caiky says his favorite thing about the Lar is God’s presence and he thanks God for the food he is served each day.

Caiky disse que  a coisa favorite do Lar é a presence de Deus e agradeçe Deus para a comida que recebe todas as dias.


Brendo – Brendo says his favorite thing about the Lar is the swimming pool and when asked what

he is most thankful for, he says his family.

Brendo disse que a coisa favorite no Lar é a piscina mais é muito grato pela família. 

Fabio– Fabio loves the swimming pool at the Lar and looks forward to his time to splash in the water. He is most thankful for prayer because he likes to talk to God.

Fabio adora a piscina no Lar e olha ansiosamente para o tempo que pode cairn a agua.   Ele está grato pela oração porque gosta de falar com Deus 

 carliane-ilamedium.jpgCarliane – Carliane loves hanging out with the girls and she is thankful that God saved her family.

Carliane gosta de fazer hora com as meninas e está grato que Deus salvou a sua                    família. 

Alice – Alice loves going to children’s church with Tia Paige. She is thankful that God is helping her mom and she is also thankful that her mom’s boyfriend loves the Lord.

– Alice gosta de ir no culto infantile com Tia Kimberly.  Ela está grato que Deus está ajudando a sua mãe e é grato que o acompanhante da mãe ama o Senhor. 

Keuliane – Keuliane loves to play with her Barbies at the Lar and she is thankful that God saved her brother from harm.

Keuliane  ama brincar com as bonecas (Barbi) no Lar e está grato que Deus guardou o irmão do mal. 

Geovania – Geovania’s favorite thing about the Lar is her friend Nyara and of course, Ny’s soft bed. She is most thankful for her family and the Americans who come to visit her.

A coisa favorite da Geovania no Lar é a amiga Nayara e concerteza a cama bem macia de Nay.  Ela está muito grato pela a família e os americanos que vem visitor. 

Isaias – Isaias loves the pool and park at the Lar and he is most thankful for his family.  Isaias adora a piscina e o parque no Lar e é muito grato pela sua famïlia. Isaias

Jose Maria – Jose Maria loves the food at the Lar and he is most thankful for his family.

– Jose Maria adora a comida no Lar e é muito grato pela a sua família. 

Flavio – Flavio’s favorite thing about the Lar is Tio Flavio. He is thankful for the Lar because it is a safe place he can stay forever.

A coisa favorite do Flavio no Lar é Tio Flavio.  Ele é grato pelo o Lar porque é um lugar seguro ficar para sempre.

July 20, 2007

Missions team — July, 2007

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July, 2007 – Southwest Community Church

The team from Southwest Community Church of Indian Wells, California, came to the Lar in early July, arriving just a little after the previous team from Lake Hills Church of Austin, Texas, departed. God worked in the lives of 300 children from the areas around the Lar through the VBS activities during the week. Stay tuned for a further update…In the meantime, the pictures will tell the story!

Pictures from Southwest Community Church July, 2007Jeff Thune