October 7, 2008

A Bundle of Info

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What a summer! I so want to keep the blog going, and then we get swamped and the blog gives.  So here is one of those super packed, bullet updates.


We had wonderful teams this summer from The Well in Austin,  1st Baptist-Brunswick, Southwest Community Church, Bountyland Baptist, and Freeland Mission Group.  We are awaiting teams from Lake Hills, Texas,  and Taylors First Baptist, SC.  


What do these teams accomplish?  We have had VBS, arts and crafts, scrap-booking, construction,  and then more construction, evangelism in local schools, Bible Study, First Aid Training, CPR Training, recreation, day camps, and much more.  And with each group that comes, the Lar is more blessed.  The teams leave and we are then bathed in prayer, and the word is spread about supporting a child.


We have some new house moms doing their training and 3 month trial period.  PRAY!!   We are in the process of revamping our leadership and administration and are excited to see how these house moms will work out.  Pray for even more house moms as we get ready to pass out fliers at local churches.  Pray God will bring those He calls.  And pray they will hear His call!


Marcos has passed his first interview to get into the army.  We are told it is a 95% go.  Keep praying!  He should be officially enlisting in January of 2009. 


Luciano and Sandra are doing an incredible job leading the halfway house.  They have come alongside these boys and are teaching them what it is like to live as a Christian family.  Being in a smaller unit than they were at the Lar, and moving out of our home, there have been challenges,  but also a closer brush with reality.  Pray for Marcos, Thiago, Dalmo, Josiel and Nilnara, as they continue their walk toward independence.  I’ve been trying to get a picture of them all together, but they are never all home!! 


Pray for Breno and Brendo.  We have FINALLY had them officially diagnosed as ADHD.  We do not medicate kids if we can help it,  but to help these two succeed in school, and life, it is necessary.  Pray as the meds are used and adjusted, and for our wisdom in discipline and limits.  Due to behavior problems we had to transfer Brendo to another school.  Pray he goes in a new kid, and that the school will adore him.


Pray for Josenildo.  Tough kid with a tough attitude.  But then he aced a math contest and has qualified for the county math “bee”.  He sees his value and the value of learning!!  He is studying for the contest and excited about being labeled smart.  Pray this sticks.  Even when the contests are over, independent of winning or losing, may he hold onto his love of learning.


Flavio and Roseangela will be leaving the Lar the end of this month.  Pray for their transition into a different life.  Pray for his job search.


 Pray as we interview administrators and revamp our organization.  With the help of Janice from Texas, Mark has some wonderful ideas we are beginning to initiate at the Lar.  


Mark Eisenhower is coming November 3rd to intern at the Lar.  A young man out of Arizona, he has experience working with disadvantaged youth in a variety of settings. Pray for his trip, and his success leading recreation, and whatever else we ask him to do, at the Lar.  


Pray for us.  We go on furlough in August of 2009 and need a mission home.  There are none available, so if you know of one, let us know! On our salary, rent would be difficult.  Pray God opens doors as we have never had a furlough in over 8 years of service, and both our children would benefit from a year of American high school before jumping into college. 


Pray for the Texas team coming in tonight!!  It is a small team, 7 ladies, and will be concentrating on hands on help at the lar  (this means cleaning snotty noses, monitoring time outs, and giving lots of hugs and love), day camps, and Tia ministry.  


Com carinho- to all of you!  Paige for the Andersons




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  1. stiloff said,

    I’ll pray for the lar. It was good to hear how things are going, since I haven’t been able to go there in a while. May God bless you.


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