July 4, 2008

Broken Heart

Posted in Updates at 9:19 am by davislar

Two evenings ago we moved Thiago, Dalmo and Josiel into the transition home.  They have lived with Mark and I since January.  I understand this is the best move for them and the Lar.  The house will soon house more boys ready to spread their wings- a little. My boys will be gaining even more independence as they continue working and studying.  They will be living with Brazilians, a couple better prepared to help with this transition, and more exemplary of what is expected from life through their Brazilian reality.  Intellectually we get it, but our hearts!!  Mark was tortured because none of the boys wanted to leave.  They begged, tried to get the support of the girls still with us, and at one point playfully refused.  I ws doing absolutely fine.  I dropped off their beds then went on to karate.  After work out I went by to see how my boys were doing.  I found them on their way to my house to visit!  When I finally got them back to their new home, I hugged each, told them I loved them, and started sobbing.  Oh my!  When I got home, I went up to their empty attic and prayed and wept.


—  Love with all your heart.  It makes the parting more difficult, but the relationships and investments into other lives are all the more meaningful. 

Pray for my boys!!


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