July 1, 2008

Corn Festival

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Look at these corn festival pics!  We have our interns Andrea and Niki in the middle of the action.  Mark and Daiane were thrown in jail, then the party began.


We are still waiting for the escrow to close on the transition home.  Pray! 

The dollar has fallen considerably and donations, also.  Please pray for our wise administration of funds and increased donations for the Lar.

The falling dollar has made it tight for mission teams.  Transportation is more expensive, certain events eliminated, and funds fro construction lower, but they are still game!  Pray for the success of upcoming mission teams from Southwest CC from California , Bountyland and Freeland from South Carolina. 

Pray for Josenildo, seen in the corn festival pics.  His behavior has shown marked improvement and he’s suddenly a joy to be around!!  Much of our challenge is normal teenaged angst with the added challenge of being raised in an orphanage.  Pray as he continues to grow in Christ.

Pray for Geivan.  We had a parent/teacher meeting at his special ed school and were thrilled to note his improved social and motor skills.  We make sure he has one on one time with adults instead of free time at teh lar and he has flourished at school and helping Nene do daily maintenance.  Thanks to NEne for his patience and obvious love for this child.

Pray for Mark as he confronts issues with leadership and house moms at the lar.  For those of you who manage companies, you understanbd the challenge!  We have the added issue of a small employee pool to pull from.  Pray for more house moms to apply for the position and for the wisdom of our board in dealing with employee/leadership issues.

Pray for our personal budget.  Due to last year’s surgeries my insurance premium went up.  School fees for the children have increased.  The truck is on its last legs.  Gas prices are incredible.  We are supporting 11 children in our home which not only increased the food bill, but the electricity and water bills.  AND the dollar has fallen.  Missionaries throughout the world are facing the same issue.  Pray for God’s provision and our wisdom administrating His provision.


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