June 17, 2008

Steam Rolling

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Ground has officially been broken at Davis Lar II in Eusebio.  (We need to come up with a name for this place…any ideas?)  The team from First Baptist Church of Brunswick, Georgia, was privileged to start the first building.  It makes perfect sense since they have built a house, the bread factory, the word working shop and added onto the Aracas church.  


While the men were building, Jim and Patty Crandall, with Marcio translating, visited the neighborhood around our new site and found a desire for a church.  Mark set up a hit and run VBS where Joan and Paige taught and 8 kids and adults accepted Christ.  This location is right around the corner from the new Lar and we are excited to see what God plans.  Could it be the Lord plants a new church with every orphanage?  Mark has already met with the pastor of Igreja Batista Alvorado of Eusebio who has agreed to come alongside this work-the orphanage and a church plant.  It is so fun to see God working in the beginning of a project, and He is steam rolling!


While at the Davis Lar church site, the ladies were at the home site discipling our kids.  Joan prepared the lessons.  She knows our kids have a base of knowledge, so she truly comes to disciple.  I say she has left the milk and offers hamburger.  We’ll get to filet mignon later!!  Last year 11 children learned all 5 verses to win the end of the week prize.  This year we had 13.  And the crafts were phenomenal.  The children love the unique crafts that those Americans bring in.  The best, I thought, was the sand art.  Joyce and company kept visiting the Cracker Barrel picking up their discarded mini syrup bottles- to the tune of 80+.  All they had to do was buy the colored sand and voila!  


Many of you know we have had a hard time with our teen boys at the Lar.  Things are turning!  Josenildo didn’t think it was uncool to learn the verses!  Be proud of that boy.


We have started conversing with our first foster care family and are preparing all the documents and interviews in order to transfer Geovania to their home.  How exciting!  While some children cannot make that move into a family, many can and should.  They deserve the one on one attention only a family can provide.  Pray as we move forward with the Davis Lar foster care program. We have a second family interested in fostering.  By word of mouth within the churches may more families come forward.


Dalmo, using his own funds, has joined a capoeira group.  Isn’t he cute in his uniform.  Oh my, actually handsome, or as he would say, “gatao.”


As usual pray for more qualified house moms!  We are shaking things up and need people to step forward while others step out.  Pray for Mark’s wisdom as he works with the administration.


The boys move into the TRANSITION home Saturday.  (Had to change the name after many Americans noted that half-way homes in the states are usually for ex-drug addicts.)  Pray for the boys as they are all begging to stay with Mark and I.  Yet through experience, we realize we need to move them on and start breaking the ties.  This is the SECOND step to being able to stand on their own two feet.   Hurts me too!! 


Pray for Nilnara as she transitions out of our home and into the world.  Pray for her attitude and her walk with Christ.


Pray for the Andersons!  Our REALLY busy season is coming up with teams coming in fast and furious.  We have been bombarded with many issues at the Lar-emotional situations that suck our energy dry.  Pray for our walk, our wisdom, and our patience. 


Pray for the Withrows.  They did a great job working with the Georgia team and we are thrilled they will be here to help us.  


Thanks for being on our Davis Lar team!  Paige


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  1. joelobed said,

    Awesome Paige !!!!!!!!!

    This is something desperately needed. God bless you over and over and over. Keep on keeping on.

    Keith Cunningham

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