June 10, 2008

Big Wheels Keep on Turning!

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What has been going on at the Davis Lar? 

Samara had her 15 year birthday-a HUGE deal in Brazil. We have four of our five teens with jobs. They still live with us!  We have another American missionary couple, the Withrow’s, working with the Davis Lar. They both contracted dengue fever.  We’ve been here 8 years and havent had the privilege.:) We have purchased a half way house with miraculous donations and plan on moving children in next week.  Marcos, who moved home, knew where to run when things got tough.  He is back at the lar regrouping.  Robinho, our cerebrral palsey child, has been admitted into a treatment program and received a new walker. The Well from Texas came and renovated/cleaned up the new half-way house, adding a new roof and painting.  A piece of land has been donated by Eusebio for another orphanage “at the same level” as the Davis Lar and construction has started.  A team is here from Georgia building the first structure.   Penha’s daughter came down with Hepatitis A while living with us.  Our truck is on its last legs and we need to pray for God’s provision.  Our support has been boosted by some timely doantions and we are incredibly awed. We have changed the house mom schedule to one week on and on week off with each house having a house mom tag team which gives them more down time.  Our teen boys’ house on site needs tons of prayer.  Pastor Marcos has been incredibly involved in the Lar and is a wonderful leader and pastor.  We have hired a full time psychologist.  Mark has won a grant from Petrobras for our foster family program and is actively searching for families through local churches.  Wade has built wooden boxes which will be placed around the city collecting receipts which the government collects giving .5% back to the orphanage.  Michelle is a painting fanatic.  Carliane and Ila’s mom died and Mark and Paige took them to the funeral.  Mark is preaching and teaching at First Baptist Church of Aracas.   Paige is working toward her behavioral science degree, getting close, and needs prayer to have time to finish.  Matt is going to swim a month in Florida then a month in Sao Paulo this summer.  He will be a junior.  Rachel is into theater, karate, ministry in the favelas and enjoying new friends. She will be a sophomore.  Mark works and works and works everywhere and all the time.  We have teams coming in all summer.   Mark presented the Davis Lar and Foster Program at the local Baptist’s Convention on social works and the church.  Paige had the kids sing and play bells………….

And may that bring you up to date!  I plan on blogging and keeping you up to date on the happenings at the Davis Lar Orphanage and its affiliates, but I needed a foundation for starting.  So here it is!  Please keep us in your prayers as we follow our Lord in taking care of the abused and bandoned children in Ceara.

Join us at the lar in prayer for Lindsey Sowles, a three time visitor and friend of the Lar. Her entire family has been with us with her mom leading many trips and her sister staying for months. Lindsey has cancer.  Aurilene, praying for her diligently, reminded me of the time Lindsey was on the bus with a ton of kids returning from Beach Park.  Aurilene was shivering, so Lindsey took off her towel and wrapped Aurilene.  Interesting what we see as a little kindness, my kids remember forever.  We are praying for a miraculous healing! 


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